Also my German relatives whom I’ve never met are getting in contact w/ my fam and all I know about them is that they don’t believe in careers and just have odd jobs when they need to and one guy used to climb up telephone poles to siphon free calls so I’m hoping for some grade A It’s Always Sunny personalities

i want to cry it’s almost August and I hate August but like also I’m going to Germany in a week and I’m rewatching Before Sunrise and i have a good bottle of wine so everything’s alright i think

I won’t have steady wifi for like a week plus so what music should i download on my ipod since i still use an ipod???

I miss when everyone was listening to Fiona Apple circa 2012 

My dad refers to Angel Olsen as “the girl who sounds like Daniel Johnston” and although I don’t see that at all, I am very proud that my dad at least knows who both of them are